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Clark's First Hundred Years
Was a Series of Firsts.
An American Company Celebrates
A Tradition of Innovation.

 The one hundred year history of the Clark Grave Vault Company reflects the
1920: A group portrait of Clark employees.
 Hugh Clark invented the first air-seal, diving-bell, burglar proof vault in 1898 in Columbus, Ohio.

history of 20th century America. It is a legacy of innovation and invention, of perseverance during depression and war, and of reaction to social change. Join us as we take a brief look back at our first one hundred years.

 The Dawn of the 20th Century: A Time for Industry and Invention.

The era of Edison and Bell was also the time when the despicable and decidedly goulish crime of grave robbery was common in America.
Reacting to this troubling trend in an environment of unprecedented inventiveness,


The vault was revolutionary; not only providing a barrier to thieves, but also took advantage of nature's perfect seal to keep moisture away from the the casket.

In 1917, America entered World War I. That same year, Allen F. Beck purchased the Clark Grave Vault Company from the estate of Hugh

1920's: Overhead track system moves vault through Clark Plant.
 Clark. Beck had learned the grave vault business when he joined the company earlier in the century,
and kept the Clark name in tribute to its inventor.