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Question: Why do I need a vault?
Answer Most cemeteries throughout the country require some type of permanent outside container which encloses the casket. However, there are no state or federal laws which require the use of an outer container. Caskets are not designed to support the weight of the soil and cemetery equipment required in today's cemetery. A permanent outer enclosure is designed to support the weight of the soil as well as equipment. A Clark burial vault is engineered to not only support the soil above and around the casket and cemetery equipment, but also to provide a dry resting place for the casket.

Question: Where can I purchase a Clark vault?
Answer Clark grave vaults are sold by thousands of funeral homes located throughout the United States. Our metal vaults are available in a variety of materials and colors to suit any need.

Question: What if I select cremation? Is ground burial an option?
Answer A. When selecting cremation, ground burial of the cremated remains and urn is very popular. Many people choose this option because it affords them the opportunity to memorialize their loved one at the cemetery. When selecting ground burial for an urn, a good quality urn vault will provide protection and peace of mind.

Question: Why choose a metal burial vault?
Answer If a dry, final resting place for the casket and a loved one is important to you, then a protective burial vault is essential. Using a natural seal, a metal Clark vault offers the best protection available. Some vaults are made from other materials, such as concrete. The problem with these products is that concrete, being a porous material, will allow water to pass through and they often rely on a made man seal which can not be tested to assure air and water tightness. A non-porous metal Clark vault offers the finest protection available, backed by the best warranty in the business. Ask your local funeral director to see warranties covering burial vaults, and see for yourself.